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Easily track and store all your legal expenses. Double check if your lawyers are charging you properly, while being aware of your legal costs on a daily basis.

We all know we have to rethink our budget carefully when we need legal advice.
Legal advice can be very expensive, indeed. And keeping track of all expenses, charges and in particular time, can be very difficult.

Almost every lawyer charges on a time basis. Knowing the hourly rate your lawyer is going to charge you on, and keeping track of all the time he/she is dedicating to your case, can be crucial.
Of course there are hours of work that your lawyers will do for you, without you even knowing that. That’s one of the reason you are hiring them, to be sure they take care of you even when you are not in a meeting together! Isn’t it? But for all the others occasions, you can track when they are working for you or with you, and save it for reference.

Available on the Apple Store

Bill My Lawyer does exactly this: It helps you track the time your lawyers are working for you. It helps you know in advance how much your bill will be, when the case is finally over.

Main Features:
– Start a timer manually and have the app track time for you also while in background.
– Start a timer manually in case you forgot to start it at the beginning of the meeting!
– Get a list of active Bills/Cases and of their relative timers.
– Print a PDF document for each bill and relative timers.
– Share the PDF document by email and or social if needed.
– iCloud support to sync bills/timers with all your devices

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