Little Pearls – Memorable quotes by your kids

Do you remember how much you laughed when your kid said that really funny thing? How many times those of us who have kids have actually cursed themselves internally for having neglected to record a wonderfully funny or surreal comment or outing by their beloved little ones?

Save those precious moments!

Sometimes we are so busy worrying about work, money and the ‘serious’ things in life that we don’t pay attention enough to those endearing, beautiful and incredibly precious moments which will never repeat themselves: once they are gone they are gone, and once the child is grown, there’s no turning back to that sweet innocence of the early days and to that naive and incredibly lovely way of interpreting the world.

Little Pearls helps you store those memorable moments to keep them alive forever.

You can type what they said, add a photo and even an audio recording. You can describe what happened when your kid said that “pearl”, or ask him or her to repeat and save it.

You can then share those pearls with your loved ones. Email or share using your favorite social. And you can even print a collection with all your pearls. And again print it or share it for future memories!

– A private Album of your kids best sentences
– Photo and audio recording for each pearl
– Share by email and favorite socials with your family and friends
– Export pearls per date in a PDF collection. ready to be printed or shared as well
– Support for 3D touch if your device supports it
– Free up to five recordings for evaluation purpose

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